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  01 Gerald Fiebig - Emptied words info
description: Emptied Words employs a cut-up text found in a spam e-mail that the vocalist tries to read as if it had a sentence structure. (A code is applied that does not really work on the text – the result is relational noise.) The text is intended as white noise, a stochastically constructed assemblage of lexical fields aimed at bypassing spam filters that are programmed to look for specific words or clusters thereof. Possibly against the sender’s intention, the resulting collage offers chain-association of a highly poetic character. Yet this crossing-over from noise into meaning is subverted on the sonic level by the voice crossing over into noise

bio: Gerald Fiebig, born 1973, is an audio artist and poet based in Augsburg, Germany. He also performs and records as Sustained Development and with Jesus Jackson und die grenzlandreiter and helps run the experimental music label attenuation circuit. www.geraldfiebig.net
  02 Kaie Kellough - d-o-y-o-u-r-e-a-d-m-e info
description: This piece is an improvised spelling exercise, involving contrebasse, drums, voice, and electronic sound. Its staccato, rhythmic inspiration comes from morse code, and it is a message sent out in distress.

bio: Kaie Kellough is a word-sound-systemizer who lives in Montréal, Québec, Canada.  He has published 2 books of poetry and is about to release a 2nd album, titled Creole Continuum, in the fall of 2014.  Kaie has lately been working on visual poetry, on audio-video work for online installation, and on a novel set during the Québec student strike of 2012.  Kaie has performed and published internationally. Please visit him at: www.kaie.ca.
  03 Nele Moeller, Verena Buttmann, Florian P Deeg - Quitschfidel info
description: The sounds in our piece are samples of our voices. Very few of those samples where altered by a filter and some of them where pitched to get a melody. Of course we chopped the samples and varied the sample length here and there.

bio: The three of us has been living for about 25 years when we met in art school saying „hello, my name is... and i like to make pieces of  art“ with soft voices. When Florian grew up he thought „i want to be an adult when im a grown up person. But right now im only a child. Id like a change.“ He developed to think every exact repetition is fated to be boring and he decided to transfer this attitude that he had gained into making music. Every sound is unique, such as mankind. „Nele, you can nicker like a little pony! This is great! It sounds different every time you do it.“ Nele can nicker like a pony. And what is striking about that ist that you can hardly notice any thuringian accent.
Verena was praying herself into  sleep every night since she has been living in a church until she thought and spoke out loud „Praying is for loosers. Only ´cause I live in a church I don´t have to pray,“ and she decided to sit from now on lucky minded on the window  sill staring at the seaside instead of praying.
  04 James Andean - At the First Clear Word info
description: The title of the piece refers to a work by Max Ernst, painted on the wall of the home of French poet Paul Éluard.
Thanks to Aven McMaster, Morris Tichenor, and François Xavier St-Pierre.

bio: James Andean is a musician and sound artist. He is active as both a performer and a composer in a range of fields, including electroacoustic composition and performance, improvisation, sound installation, and sound recording.  He is a founding member of improvisation and new music quartet Rank Ensemble and interdisciplinary improvisation ensemble The Tuesday Group, and one half of audiovisual performance art duo Plucié/DesAndes. He has performed throughout Europe and North America, and his works have been performed around the world. He is a lecturer at the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy/University of the Arts Helsinki.
  05 Iason Leavitt - Digital Sun info
description: The piece "Digital Sun" was composed with technical words and phrases that are used to describe analog and digital processes in audio. I emphasized the metaphorical and thereby also visual quality of these often rationally connotated terms by including associative musical elements and manipulations of the voice's sound, it's rhythm, stereo movement and overall flow.
Moreover, I combined the technical terms with more common words which I used to describe musical elements, theories or the structure of a synthesizer in a more open form. My interest was to create a piece that has a tactile feel through textured sounds, and to provoke a steady fluctuation between analog and digital aesthetics, meaning of words and their musical quality, a zoom within a micro and a macro cosmos.’

Bio: Iason Leavitt
Born September 05, 1988 in San Sebastian de la Gomera
Moved to Saarbrücken, Germany in 1992
Currently lives, studies and works in Hamburg, Germany
  06 Hannes Bajohr - Schweigen info
description: Eugen Gomringer's concrete poem 'Schweigen' (Silence) was imported—as an image (JPG) and a text file (DOCX)—into Audacity 2.0.5 as raw data; the JPG became the right track, encoded as GSM 6.10 with a 2000 Hz sampling rate, the DOCX became the left track, encoded as GSM 6.10 with a 1540 Hz sampling rate.

bio: Hannes Bajohr, born 1984 in Berlin, lives in Brooklyn. Production of literary and academic texts. Works on digital modernism, political philosophy, and language theory. Writes prose, essays, and, as a member of the writers' collective 0x0a, digital poetry.
  07 Nichola Scrutton - Word of Mouth info
description: Word of Mouth is a fixed medium work that uses the human voice as the only sound source. Structurally, the piece uses phonetic gestures to project the emergence of vocal sounds on the breath, which are extended and woven together to evoke metaphorical and spatial associations.

bio: Nichola Scrutton is a freelance composer, sound artist, performer and facilitator based in Glasgow, Scotland.
  08 Cozm x Transmissions - Second Encounter on the Dreamshore of Ikonic Tomorrows info
description: This excerpt from the Second Dream Encounter is part of the album material of the same name that has been published on Fag Ash records earlier this year. The Dream Encounters series have been produced through computer assisted sleep experiments where the subliminal character of Archangel Gong Amenità (Austrian soundpoet Marie Luise Weiss) is filtered through a ritualistic and fragmentary ceremonial of the Eighth Season arranged by Rev Zombi (Belgian sound artist and brain child behind Cozm x Transmissions). The seraphic and spontaneous essence of Amenità's future word-poems together with the reversed sound-tone arrangements by Zombi have been refined through a manifesto as Imaginal Music. Imaginal Music invites us to encompass our own mystery as well as the mystery of life. It is not modern, nor is it avantgarde. It is prehistorical.

bio: Cozm x Transmissions is an international sound collective. Their current and forthcoming activities are set around an Imaginal Music masterwork entitled: "The Universal Dreamtime Calendar. An Altered Field Ephemeris".
  09 Florian Zanleitner - Dialogmelken info
description: Voice-Improvisation

bio: born 1985 in Vienna, lives and works in Baden bei Wien
  10 Anat Pick - Back to the Dom info
description: Free improvisation over K. Schwitters, Doof, 1922

bio: Anat Pick is a creator in the field of Sound Poetry, Installation and Performance Art. She creates tightly structured works which sound out the border area between Music, Language, Visual art and Performance. Since her European début in 1997, at the Wiener Festwochen, Pick has performed in major Art, poetry and contemporary music events across Israel, Europe and the US.  http://www.ubu.com/sound/pick.html
  11 Alx P.op & Sandrine Deumier - Mdr_test508 info
description: "Disconnected : Désaxe totale. Point d’ancrage émotionnel pré-compactable dans 77 secondes. Bienvenue sur le site Soft-Porn accès garantie surface de test illimité.Te suivrai intimement. E-branchée à toi : impulsivement compulsée : abusivement sous Glitch.html."
Elaborated as a digital flow crossed by permanent base lines, "Mdr_test508" is the evocation of a digital imagination and reveals the virtual tendency of our societies.

bio: Sandrine Deumier (e-poetry : http://sandrinedeumier.com
Alx P.op (electronica : http://alx-pop.blogspot.com
  12 Felipe Cussen - quick mantra info
description: This piece was conceived and recorded between july 25th to 30th, 2014, using Ableton Live and plug-ins such as Turnado from Sugarbytes and Autotune, wich helped to tune and untune the voice.

bio: Felipe Cussen (1974) is a writer and musician from Chile, where he's part of the experimental poetry group "Foro de Escritores". He also has a PhD in Humanities at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), and now he teaches and researches at Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.
  13 Juan Carlos Vasquez - Glitch Etude No. 1 info
description: Glitch Etude No. 1 was created using recordings of Pablo Neruda's own voice reading several of his poems. As the name suggest, the "Glitch" aesthetic dominates the piece, suggesting how digital new media can transform (or distort) poetry, language and our overall perception of cultural stimuli.

bio: Juan Carlos Vasquez is a London-based sound artist and composer from Colombia. He has participated as a sonic artist, composer and/or performer in events within the United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Commissions by the Westminster and Chelsea Hospital / Museum (UK) in partnership with Royal College of Music (UK), the Arts Council through the Wiltshire Museum (UK), Polish Artists in London “PAiL” (UK) and the Hilltown New Music Festival (Ireland). Record deals with Important Records (USA) and Ablaze Records (USA/Australia). His music has been featured on hour-long specials by leading radio art / electroacoustic music radio stations, such as Resonance 104.4 FM (Clearspot – UK), BCB Radio 106.6FM (The Sound Art Show – UK), Basic.FM and Radio Círculo (UNDAE – Spain).
  14 Heike Fiedler - stsi info
description: stsi _ should she, here: sollte sie is a soundpiece about the inifity of possibilities and possible perturbations.

bio: Heike Fiedler, author, multilingual poet, performer, sound and visual artist. Born in West-Germany (1963), living in Geneva. Lic. hist. phil., University of Geneva. Participation in many international poetry and music festivals. Readings, installations, intervention in public space. Workshop with Henri Chopin at sfd Vienna (2005). Participation in research about performing authors (HKB, SLI). Several awards for her transmedial poetry projects by canton, town of Geneva and its foundation for contemporary art. Conception of pluridisciplinary projects (La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, festival Poésie en arrosoir). Several writing residences. Workshops in field of text performance and poetry. Many publications in literary magazines, anthologies, CD’s, books (sie will mehr, edition spoken script, 2013 ;  langues de meehr, edition spoken script, 2010.)
  15 Ciarán MacAoidh - sometimes I like to drive with my eyes closed info
description: I recorded most of this piece on a pretty basic recorder while driving over the course of a few months. I used to spend a lot of time on the road going from market to market to sell my pies. It's almost all vocal except for the sounds of my car and van.My plan is for it to be part of a larger 'Car Noises' series in which I'll use other sounds from my car; things like the broken stereo and wind whistling in the window.

bio: My name is Ciarán MacAoidh and I'm an Irish maker of sound art, field recordings, zines, video art and home-made instruments (mostly drones). I've recently begun to bring all the strands of what I do together under the name Fooste Revolving to try to make sense of the mess. (https://soundcloud.com/macthecrouton)
  16 Alinta Krauth - Wasp's Nest info
description: 'Wasps Nest' is a recording of me standing in a tunnel speaking into a large wasps nest that hung inside. I was interested at the time as to whether the nest changed the acoustics in the tunnel. Working in just one take, those two looped words have been digitally manipulated over and over again to produce the piece you hear here. There is no other added recordings. The digital allows one sound to be taken and manipulated into a myriad of other sounds, reminding us that the spoken word is, once digitally recorded, simply packets of data.

bio: Alinta Krauth is a digital poet, projection artist, sound artist, and games designer, with a keen interest in environmental and political issues. She is interested in ways to tie issues of sustainability and ecological education into her work. Her exhibited works explore poetry games, sound poetry, interactive sound art, interactive Net art, and projection mapping onto sculpture. Her work has been exhibited globally from Australia, to New York, to Paris, to Sicily. But most of all Alinta is simply curious about the world.
  17 Gary Barwin - turnips a door info
description: "turnips a door" is part of a larger work in progress in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the birth of bpNichol, the revered Canadian poet. Each section is based on archival samples of bpNichol performing his sound poetry. "turnips a door" is based on two Nichol sound poems: "Turnips Are" and "A Small Song that is His" both from the late sixties/early 70s.

bio: Gary Barwin is a writer, composer and multimedia artist from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is the author of numerous books, including, mostly recently, (Mansfield Press, 2014.) He received a PhD in music composition from SUNY at Buffalo. His website is garybarwin.com
  18 Sophie Reyer - hände sind info
description: Hands know. Movements and touch happen. Ones own picture is mirrored as an echo: distorted, torn apart, fragmented.

bio: born 1984 in Vienna, writes poetry, prose, drama.
  19 Loup Uberto - Les enfants info
description: Live recorded improvisation with four microphones, performed during CRESSON’s winter school / february 2014. hidden in a open outward classroom at Grenoble’s school of Architecture, i’m whispering a poem while listening to the playground nearby.

bio: France based saxophonist, free-improviser and sound conceptor, i’m usually working on weakness and solitude. I’m looking for the sleepy-joy i remember from my childhood, altering my perception with a forced infantile view. My pieces are supposed to evoke some poor-understood situations. They are dumb and silent poems that would reveal an absurd feeling, the one we experience when we find ourself roaming uselessly in a place, a scene, or our head.


Gerald Fiebig / Kaie Kellough / Nele Moeller, Verena Buttmann, Florian P Deeg / James Andean / Iason Leavitt / Hannes Bajohr / Nichola Scrutton / Cozm x Transmissions / Florian Zanleitner / Anat Pick / Alx P.op & Sandrine Deumier / Felipe Cussen / Juan Carlos Vasquez / Heike Fiedler / Ciarán MacAoidh / Alinta Krauth / Gary Barwin / Sophie Reyer / Loup Uberto

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