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  01 Fletcher Nightwine - headspace info
cello and voice recordings, granular synthesis, edits, manipulation

I am a studying in New York City and Shanghai, experimenting with sound and more
  02 mIEKAL aND - zufecduzanewa info
Computer voice pronouncing a single invented word from Neologism Hospital Theater.

mIEKAL aND lives outside the constraints of academia in the most lush and rural part of the unglaciated Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. Choosing to focus on creating wilderness and abundance surrounded by the perfect setting for limitless imagination his course of action includes demonstrating alternatives to inbred aesthetics, delighting in the play of DIY culture, and making art and writing that is both anarchic and noisy. aND is the author of numerous books, many available via Xexoxial Editions (http://xexoxial.org). After many years working in the realms of digital poetry and video, he has surrendered his role as author and focused exclusively on interactions that allow the author to be reconfigured by the mysteries of the collaborative process, including books with Maria Damon, Sheila Murphy, Geof Huth & Robin Brox. Anyone wanting to tap into his stream can find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/miekal

  03 Sebastian Bradt - LOUPON Walpurgisch - pa300.415 info
The initial idea for 'LOUPON Walpurgisch - pa300.415' came from a short reminder in the form of a sonnet that I addressed to myself in 2002. I intended to warn myself about things I shouldn't do any more but have done ever since, sometimes with obsessive routinery. That note, however originally in Dutch, was then 'translated' into different languages with the help of Google Translate and voiced by avatar speakers from oddcast.com and acapela-group.com. Being curious about all kinds of glitchy outcomes that occur when non-native speakers pronounce a text in a different language, I tried a variety of languages (Arabic, Catalan, Hindu, Korean, etc.) to end up with weird, funny bits of language that I synchronised to a continuous, languishing chord progression. LOUPON Walpurgisch was finalised on Walpurgis Night 2015 and captured both the right words and sound. A confrontation as well as a revelation. LOUPON Walpurgisch is part of .Ko.Tantrum, Book II. SB

Sebastian Bradt (°Gent, 1979): composer, arranger and visualiser. Studied composition with Luc Brewaeys at Gent Conservatory and also with Frank Nuyts and Dirk Brossé, combined with master classes with Louis Andriessen in Amsterdam. In 2002 he was one of the winners of the Aquarius Composition Competition with his 2nd symphony, MORPH, premiered by Flanders Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Bradt has composed in all kinds of styles and genres, for a wide variety of commissions (Nadar Ensemble, Artis Dulcedo, Timur und seine Mannschaft, Festival of Flanders, TrefPunt, HardScore) and more eclectic ensembles such as percussion group TRIATU or the ocarina ensemble Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese. In 2008, along with 8 other composers, he composed Neuf Musiques à Brûler, the music for the fireworks at Gent Festival. He also wrote soundtracks for stop-motion and 3D animators, and has been working since 2000 on .Ko., a film project whose concept is distilled from his own dreams.

  04 die grenzlandreiter - Sprachcharakteristik / Linguistic Characterisation info
The word "Sprachcharakteristik" (which translates as "linguistic characterisation", and could equally refer to characteristic traits in the language of a certain writer or speaker, a social group, or a certain language in general), spoken by a professional radio speaker, was recorded onto a reel tape machine. The word is the only source material of the piece, which was created by Mathias Huber using his "tape-scratching" method, i.e., manually moving the tape back and forth across the tape head.

die grenzlandreiter is Mathias Huber (b. 1970) and Gerald Fiebig (b. 1973). Founded as a home-recording project in 1992, die grenzlandreiter, based in Augsburg/Germany, have also been the live band of songwriter Jesus Jackson since 1998, having released four albums so far. Their duo recordings, documented on the albums "The Medium is the Massacre" and "Wir sind fröhliche Leute", both released on gebrauchtemusik, range from experimental sound collages to lo-fi pop. In 2006, they realised the interactive sound sculpture/performance "Akustisches Denkmal für Walter Klingenbeck" on the streets of Munich to commemorate a local anti-fascist radio activist who was killed by the Nazi regime in 1943 at the age of 19.

  05 Martina Claussen - #fairy tale info
#fairy tale: Breathing, humming, creeping, playing and questioning - where are we? The piece plays with hints, associations and memories.
The only soundsource of the piece #fairy tale is my voice. The use of electroacoustic tools allows me to extend the voice into new areas of expression and to develop another sonic language for the human voice.

Martina Claussen is a mezzo-soprano, vocal artist, composer and composer- performer.
The focal point of her work lies in the interaction of her own voice as the main sound source of her electroacoustic compositions and live electronics. Her compositions have been broadcasted by various radio stations in Europe and have been selected to be played at international Festivals such as Festival Futura 2015 (Crest, France), the BIMESP XI Bienal Internacional de Música Electroacústica 2016 de Sao Paulo (Brazil) and the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2016. She works at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna where, since 2009, she holds the position of ao.Professor of Voice.

  06 donna kuhn - three degrees info
poem put through software known as namshub after translating it from english to chinese and back to english

donna kuhn is a poet, author, dancer, visual and video artist living in santa cruz, ca

  07 AG Davis - Patients Is A Virgin info
Raw voice recorded in 2010; voice manipulations were completed in 2012. All audio from this piece used my voice as the sound source (all audio is my voice manipulated through electronic means).

AG Davis is a sound poet, writer, performance artist and composer from Jacksonville, Florida. His work often delves into the aphotic side of the human psyche, exploring the multifaceted realms of psychosis.
  08 Dirk HuelsTrunk - Nie mehr mono poesie/no more mono poetry info
recorded live in Frankfurt am Main, using solo voice & loop station, 2015

Dirk HuelsTrunk (b. 1964) is a sound poet, spoken word poet, audio artist, writer, teacher and curator of art/poetry events from Frankfurt/Main, Germany, influenced by Dada, Fluxus, Minimalism, Pop and Noise art. With his voice & live looping he creates a radical minimalistic, playful, noisy & rhythmic intermedia art, which is equally at home on poetry stages, music and art/performance events.

  09 Nia Davies - Hunter info
Sound ritual for calling the hunter.

Nia Davies is a poet and literary curator based in Wales, UK. She edits Poetry Wales and has worked on several international literary projects. Her most recent publication is Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdanmısınız or Long Words (Hafan/Boiled String, 2015) and a full length collection All fours is out from Bloodaxe in 2017.

  10 Vladimir Vladda Miloykovitch - alone (today) info
Piece is a mix of author's short poems (only few crucial words were taken by cut-up style / technique), totally homemade, mixed at personal laptop using unknown program. Created at 5.16 am July 17th 2014. Mix was created as an experiment, an attempt to add a new dimension (sound) to signalistic/visual poetry and is a part of demo recordings for future collection of sound poetry.

Vladimir Vladda Miloykovitch was born in 1978 in Subotica (Serbia) where he lives. Rewarded and published poet, visual artist and performer. Graduated (2014) from the Faculty of Education (Sombor, Serbia) at the Department of Visual Arts. Rewarded book of visual-signalistic poetry 'Razgovor sa Hertom' ('Conversation with Herta') was published in 2014. Since 2011 author actively participate in public poetry readings and slam competitions in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica. Since 2013 he combines visual and literature/language elements with sound(s) using cut-up /mail art / signalistic style-technique, making his work much more multimedia. Multimedia performance (mostly visual poetry, body art, audio poetry combined) performed occasionally in galleries and clubs; some performance recordings, interviews and readings could be seen via YouTube (under the name Vladimir Milojković). Occasionally publishes poetry, photos and videos on his own blog page.

  11 Dganit Elyakim and Eran Hadas - Cod++(e, a).choose info
Excerpts from "Cod++(e, a).choose" (Pronounced Code/Coda) - the book of Genesis, a large scale composition by Dganit Elyakim. It consisting of 1595 miniatures for a text-to-speech application, an automated piano, electronically-generated sounds and ready-made audio samples, based on Eran Hadas' poetry book and software "Code". The book was written by a code designed to uncover all the Haiku poems hidden in The Torah. It is a secular homily, presenting a contemporary, digital interpretation of Moses' five books which are the foundation of the Jewish holy law and code of conduct. The entire adaptation of the book of Genesis is 372 min long. Recordings: Ronald Boersen

Dganit Elyakim is a composer and sound-artist. Her music depicts various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Elyakim was awarded the Prime Minister's Prize in composition, the America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship and others. Her music has been featured at the Gaudeamus Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, Ars Electronica and many more venues across the globe. Throughout the years, Elyakim teaches in institutions such as "Bezalel Academy of Arts" and "The Open University". Recently she has released her debut album "Failing Better".

Eran Hadas is a software developer, poet and new media artist from Tel-Aviv. The author of 6 books, among his collaborative projects is a headset that generates poems from EEG brain waves, a documentarian robot that interviews people about what it means to be human, and a "Google Deep Dream"-like text generator that demonstrates a Big Data stream of consciousness. He currently teaches the course "Computational Poetry" at the College of the Literary Arts in Jerusalem.

  12 Brandstifter - NO!sNO!wNO! info
NO!sNO!wNO! is a short excerpt from a 31 minutes vox loop track that builds up slow by slow perpetuing the words „snow“ and „no“ from a soft hushed whisper like falling snowflakes into an intense blizzard of concrete noise. It was recorded 2014 with a JamMan Looping Station without any overdubs and was first released on Brandstifter's very own audio art label FLUX ON DEMAND in 2015. FOD lists Tapes, CDs and even handnumbered sandwich bags, performance relicts from a concert at Walpodenakademie Mainz, where he curates exhibtions and concerts. Since Brandstifter started playing experimental music he always had a strong focus on loops. He creates them either with vinyl records for rauschgiftengelloops (drug angel loops) installations, like his concert for the Yoko Ono Retrospective at Schirn Frankfurt or with the help of vintage Casio Sampling Keyboards for the SK Orchestra with Michael Durek and almost 100 improvisers since 2009.

Brandstifter (=firestarter) is an interdisciplinary artist and experimental musician with various groups and projects in Germany and New York. In 2009 he lived on a stipend as the first artist in residency at Flux Factory, Queens and played at clubs and galleries like Emily Harvey Foundation as well as at the Museum of Modern Art. He performed solo and together with performers like Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear) as Wizards of Oi or Benjamin Patterson for the FLUXUS AT 50 celebrations at Museum Wiesbaden and in Mainz, Germany. In 2013 Brandstifter was on a Europe tour with PASmusique for Alrealon Music. Since the late 80ies you can find his various releases on Tape, CD and vinyl like recently the FLUXUS +/- series compilations by Kommissar Hjuler/Psych KG, featuring Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Brandstifter is obsessed by repetition, time, improvisation and the attempt to bring ordinary life to art and vice versa.

  13 Grzegorz Kielawski - sinamea jinx robo und tin twas so toll info
In the first part we hear Robert Kielawski singing alongside Grzegorz Kielawski. In the second part we hear Sonja Tollinger looping certain words written by Nikolaus Scheibner.

Grzegorz Kielawski, born 1981 in Wałbrzych and 2005 in Vienna. Finished German Philology at the University of Vienna. Works at Zeitzoo. Lives as a translator, photographer and filmmaker.

  14 Jacinta Lynch - Dogs have a stake n yr happiness info
The piece is a satirical eclogue- a multi-tracked and layered conversation that uses a classical melodic framework.

Jacinta Lynch is a poet living in London and studying for an MA in Writing:Imaginative Practice at the University of East London
  15 Lilian Beidler - Pfiff 23 info
"Pfiff 23" is one of 24 short whistling pieces I created for "Advent's whistling Dixie" http://www.loul.ch/english/pfeife.htm, a whistling calendar. Every day during the Advent season in December, I whistled a short piece of music and posted it on my website. I did not limit myself to a certain musical style: The pieces are a colourful mix of classical, jazz, rock and pop covers, my own arrangements, contemporary compositions and sound experiments. The result is a salmagundi of 24 witty tracks that have at least one thing in common: A lot of air coming out of curly lips!

In my work I explore electronic and digital media and its influence on the perception of the human body, interpersonal relationships and composition within a performative context. I am interested in linking my artistic practice to international political relations, intercultural communication and scientific technical and sociological research. Sound being a fundamental component of my work, I range from performance, installation and relational art. I graduated with an MA Performance Making from Goldsmiths University of London/UK in 2015, also holding a Masters in Contemporary Arts Practice from Bern University of the Arts, 2010 Switzerland. I regularly perform, show work, give workshops and lectures all over Europe, in Asia and the USA. Since 2010, I have been invited as an artist in residence to China, Germany, Finland and the USA.

  16 Michal Rataj, Jaromír Typlt - O to dřív (The Sooner) info
The word "sooner" (dřív) plays a central role in this composition by virtue of its sound, which finds its echoes in other Czech words, but also has a determining function via its sense, esp. in its relation to the passing of time. The text gradually brims with the paradoxes of all that can and cannot happen "sooner." Michal Rataj – electronics and sound composition. Jaromír Typlt – text, voice, additional sounds. Recorded in January 2016 on the basis of shared improvisation and is part of the "Scribbles" (Škrábanice) cycle. Under this title, Rataj & Typlt have been giving concerts since 2009 and in 2014 they released an eponymous CD with the Prague label Polí5.

Michal Rataj (1975, www.michalrataj.com) is composer, performer and sound designer based in Prague, Czech Republic. He composes mainly electroacoustic and chamber or orchestral instrumental music and receives performances throughout Europe and broadcasts worldwide. Recently he has been active as real-time performer of his acousmatic music and he gives sound performances alone or with different music partners. Jaromír Typlt (1973, www.typlt.cz) is the poet, prose writer, essayist, art curator and performer. Since the late 1990s, he has explored the form of „mutated author readings,“ involving the use of pre-recorded voices, language rhythm and improvisation. Apart from Rataj, Typlt works with a number of other Czech composers of contemporary music.

  17 Tobias Reber - Cricket Transmissions info
"Cricket Transmissions" is a concept piece that was created for a compilation by the .microsound mailing list on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of William S. Burroughs' novel "Naked Lunch" in 2009. In a lecture at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado on April 20, 1976, Burroughs explained "the origins and theory of the tape cut-ups", as the recording of part of that lecture is now known. I've taken an excerpt of said recording and instead of cutting it up in the time domain I first cut it up into ten frequency bands, omitting everything below 800 Hz. I then moved the bands out of sync with each other and cut out "transmission drop outs" here and there. No other processing was applied to the original file and all artefacts of the cutting process have been left in place. The sonic concept and title is of course a nod to the typewriter insects in David Cronenberg's movie adaptation of "Naked Lunch".

Tobias Reber (1983) is a composer, musician, improviser, performance artist and teacher working in the fields of electronic and electroacoustic composition, performance and sound installations.

  18 GS Smith - Ornitheology info
Ornitheology is a sound collage consisting of looped live vocals, samples and guitar. The source material, a tape of British bird calls, is obscured and then emulated, using voice samples and music, in a process of de- and re-familiarisation that takes the form of a conversation or interrogation.

GS Smith is an Edinburgh-based writer and producer. He runs the performance series CAESURA (2012-), which has featured experimental writers and musicians from across the UK and abroad. He has curated a visual poetry exhibition (Palimpcyst, 2013) and produced a video reading series (Ejecter, 2013). Working in various media, his creations have included a multimedia installation with text-filled eggs in an abandoned vault (Out Doors, 2013), a noisy pseudo-lecture on abnormal psychology (Agnosia Ad Naseum, 2012) and numerous other collaborations with poets, musicians and film makers. His poems, visual poems and stories have appeared in various magazines, including 3:AM Magazine, Otoliths and SCREE. His pamphlet, Make Do and Maim is forthcoming on Tapsalteerie in February 2017.
  19 differx - speech on hay as ontology info
the piece is based upon a reading of this string: "you know. this speech have never been vox. but you know. any distortion is a speech in itself and the subject-object of another"

Marco Giovenale (aka differx) lives in Rome, where he works as an editor and translator. He’s founder and editor of http://gammm.org (2006) and http://asemicnet.blogspot.com (2011). Verbo-visual and sound works, as well as asemic writing, are here and there on the net: https://slowforward.wordpress.com/art/. His visual notebooks are http://differx.tumblr.com and http://instagram.com/differx_it. In anthologies: Anthology Spidertangle (Xexoxial, 2009), The Last Vispo Anthology (Fantagraphics, 2012), An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (Uitgeverij, 2013), A Kick in the Eye (Createspace, 2013). Linear texts in English in the books “A gunless tea” (2007, also at http://www.dusie.org/gunlesstea.pdf), “CDK” (2009, see http://tir-aux-pigeons.blogspot.it/2009/03/cdk-marco-giovenale.html), “anachromisms” (2014: https://ahsahtapress.org/product/anachromisms/), “white while” (2014: http://www.gauss-pdf.com/post/98317758615/gpdf131-marco-giovenale-white-while).

  20 John M. Bennett - Zaum Day Chants info
Recent visual poems as performance texts

John M. Bennett has published over 400 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. He has published, exhibited and performed his word art worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He was editor and publisher of LOST AND FOUND TIMES (1975-2005), and is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries. Richard Kostelanetz has called him “the seminal American poet of my generation”. His work, publications, and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art, and other major libraries. His PhD (UCLA 1970) is in Latin American Literature.

  21 Beat Unternaehrer - "it sucks" part III: totenklage (vacuumcleaner version) info
For over 30 years i'm looking for new ways to play my trombone. Newest i'm trying to change the direction: i don't blow with my lips into a mouthpiece but let be sucked my lips by a vacuumcleaner (vacuum > plastictube > trombonemouthpiece). the resulting lipvibrations are modulated by my mouth, articulating words without voice. There is no electronic manipulation (except some cuts) in this recording. The piece "totenklage" (originally written by Hugo Ball 1916) is the last part of a vacuumcleaner-performance called "it sucks" that i'm developing at the moment.

tromboneplayer and performer. soundreseacher. improvisator. communicator. 2014-2017 Artistic studies in Contemporary Arts Practice (Music and Media Art / Performance Art), Master of Arts, Hochschule der Künste, Bern, Switzerland

  22 UQ (Unamunos Quorum) and Jaap Blonk - we've struck oil ! info
When Jaap Blonk was on tour in Australia, whilst visiting Melbourne we spend a couple of hours in the studio. This track is one of the results of this session.

UQ (Unamunos Quorum) is a soundpoetry/performance art group that has since its inception in 1993 relentlessly followed the path of improvisation in the development and performance of their material. They have build a repertoire consisting of frame-works towards improvisation based on word-games, sound-scapes and physical theatre that is constantly evolving and adapting itself to current political and artistic climates.

Jaap Blonk (born 1953 in Woerden, Holland) is a self-taught composer, performer and poet. As a vocalist, he is unique for his powerful stage presence and almost childlike freedom in improvisation, combined with a keen grasp of structure. He has performed around the world, on all continents, including Australia.



AG Davis / Beat Unternaehrer / Brandstifter / Dganit Elyakim and Eran Hadas / die grenzlandreiter / differx / Dirk HuelsTrunk / donna kuhn / Fletcher Nightwine / Grzegorz Kielawski / GS Smith / Jacinta Lynch / John M. Bennett / Lilian Beidler / Martina Claussen / Michal Rataj, Jaromír Typlt / mIEKAL aND / Nia Davies / Sebastian Bradt / Tobias Reber / UQ (Unamunos Quorum) and Jaap Blonk / Vladimir Vladda Miloykovitch (Vladimir Milojković)

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